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CTLX is owned by the Palisade Regional Infrastructure Fund and is operated by Regional Infrastructure Pty Ltd. Regional Infrastructure and Palisade are involved in a strategic partnership, with Regional Infrastructure providing business development and operational management services and Palisade providing investment capital.

CTLX is the first o f a series of regional livestock exchanges that the Fund is proposing to develop through Australia.

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Palisade Regional Infrastructure Fund

Palisade's Regional Infrastructure Fund has been established to invest in a wide range of infrastructure in regional areas throughout Australia. These investments include, but are not limited to, roads, water and sewerage facilities, waste treatment, airports, railways, gas pipelines, power generation and distribution facilities.

This fund is managed by Palisade's infrastructure team within the award winning Palisade Investment Partners Ltd.

Find out more about Palisade's Regional Infrastructure Fund at www.palisadepartners.com.au


Sheep & Lamb
Producers & Buyers

  • Strong weekly markets are expected to build sales to 700,000 head per year
  • The best offering of Central Tablelands prime lamb and sheep

Cattle Producers & Buyers

  • Strong prime and store sales are expected to build sales to 160,000 head per year
  • Choice selection of prime cattle, breeding stock and re-stocker lines - the best of the Central Tablelands

Presentation and handling

  • Comfortable conditions - under cover selling and holding pens and dust minimisation through bitumen sealed vehicle movement areas
  • Minimising stress - non bruise panelling and soft floor in cattle pens
  • Presentation - buyer viewing lanes offer clear sight of stock
  • Drafting - opportunity to sort by assessment and quality, including single animal cattle weighing facilities
  • Security - video surveillance throughout
  • Holding and resting paddocks will be available for on-site agistment


  • Efficient yard design saving time in processing and handling stock
  • Lanes and walkways are arranged to allow stockmen on horseback to move cattle efficiently
  • Advanced sale data processing and NLIS management - rapid reports in convenient format

A Competitive Alternative

  • Large volumes and quality yardings will attract strong and active buyer interest
  • 10 agents represented across Central Tablelands from Cowra, Molong, Canowindra and Orange to Blayney, Bathurst and Oberon
  • Marketing fees compare well with Forbes, Dubbo, Wagga making CTLX a competitive alternative

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